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We offer a 3 Day Course for First aid at work (certificated)
A 2 day refresher course (certificated) for those who already hold a certificate
or a 1 day course (certificated)


3 DAY Course

This course is for anyone who wants to learn first aid, for whatever reason, it meets the required standard for First Aid at work in accordance with the HSE guidelines.

It will give you the knowledge and skills to administer first aid and the confidence to use it.

Taught by ex London Ambulance Service NHS trust Staff, who have a great deal of experience in dealing with emergencies.

It will not only teach you what to do in medical emergencies, it teaches you what your role is as the nominated person, guidance on first aid kits, reporting incidents and the legal requirements of first aiders.

The knowledge is not only for use at work, it can help you to help your family and friends should an accident or incident happen, you can make a difference and help to save a life of a loved one.

For Syllabus click here.

2 DAY Course

Refresh your Knowledge and Skills and re-qualify (if your certification is running out) as required to continue practicing as a nominated First Aider, or just want to know a little more.

With things changing get the up-to-date practice and information.

Practice the skills you have already learnt, building confidence in your abilities with the guidance of the instructor.

For Syllabus click here.

1 DAY Course

If you only need to learn CPR
how to recognise and what to do in case of a stroke.
help the unconscious casualty
Breathing Difficulties
and more

For Syllabus click here